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Coghlan's Company Video

It all started in 1959 with a simple Camp Stove Toaster. And today we have over 450 products. Watch the video to see how we began, and who has helped us along the way.





Coghlan's 1350 Dry Pouch

This video will show you two different ways to test your Dry Pouch® before usage, to make sure that it is sealed properly, and still floats when submerged.


Coghlan's 1005 Flint Striker

A quick instructional video showing how to ignite a piece of artficial tinder (as found in Coghlan's Tinder, item #8649 and Emergency Tinder Kit, #8647) using the #1005 Flint Striker.


Coghlan's 7870 Magnesium Fire Starter

This video shows how to start a fire, using Coghlan's Magnesium Fire Starter


Coghlan's 702 G.I. Can Opener

This video shows how to open a can using Coghlan's Item# 702, G.I. Can Opener.


Coghlan's 504D Camp Stove Toaster

This video shows you how to fold the Coghlan's 504D Camp Stove Toaster for easy storage.

Coghlan's Signal Mirrors

This video shows you how to use a Coghlan's Signal Mirror to signal a search craft.


Coghlan's Cooler Light

Lights up your Cooler at night, just like your fridge light! The coolest gadget for your cooler since beverages.





Coghlan's Six Function Whistle Battery Replacement

This video will show how to install new batteries for the LED light in our Six Function Whistle.





Coghlan's Traveller's Mosquito Net

This video will show you how to refold Coghlan's 9770 Mosquito Net so that it can fit back in to it's carrying case.




Coghlan's Mosquito Coils

This video will show you how to separate the Coghlan's Mosquito Coils.




Coghlan's 9190 Tarp Holder

This video will show you how to attach a Tarp Holder toa tarp.


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Additional information about our products, including instructions, helpful tips, and warranty information.

Coghlan's For Kids

Coghlan's has a wonderful variety of products for learning about insects, orienteering or simply flying a kite.

Coghlan's Helping Hands

Coghlan’s Ltd. has enjoyed a long and valued relationship with five community organizations who provide support services for people with a wide range of intellectual disabilities.

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